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An open letter…

Posted in Uncategorized on 02/28/2010 by Melissa

To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing this plea in the hopes that someone will find it in their heart to help me out. See, I’m not normally a pushy person, but…

3.1 Phillip Lim via Neiman Marcus

…for fuck’s sake, I need an occasion, a reason, to buy and wear that dress! Maybe you’re a lonely yacht-owner who needs a date to the semi-annual Noblesse Oblige Charity Luncheon? Or maybe you’re a jaded record producer looking to “shake things up” by bringing a total unknown to the next self-congraulatory awards function you attend? Or maybe you’re simply a man, a man whose initials are K and C, and you know deep down that this would be the perfect dress for your girlfriend to wear to your as-yet-unplanned, but certainly-imminent, avant garde wedding, so you give in and pop the question?

Awaiting your speedy reply,

The Snark.


You might say the secret ingredient is…salt.

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I think this will be the first big thing I try to make…

via The Purl Bee

The instructions seem pretty simple, and there’s a lot of room for color customization. I guess I’ll start with some little things to get used to the machine, but once I’m comfortable, I’m gonna give this a go.

By the by, The Purl Bee is the project blog of Purl Soho, which is the cutest fabric store of all time. Whenever I go there, I’m flooded with this intense desire to buy yards and yards of fabric – but until now, I’ve not really had the means to use the fabric. That is about to change! And in a nice bit of synchronicity, Purl is moving to a new location, less than two blocks from work! So long, disposable income…

But, Marge, this is a chance for me to fulfill my lifelong dream.

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I’ve never had a hobby. Ok, once, when I was much younger, I liked to collect troll dolls. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. Other than that, no hobbies. No sports teams or school clubs, or girl scouts or scrapbooking. But I’ve always had great admiration for people who can make things – people, in the mechanized modern world, who can actually produce an object with some tools and their hands. So I’m going to take up a hobby and try to be one of those people I admire…

Janome sewing machine via Amazon

I’m going to learn to sew, and then I’m going to learn to make all kinds of hopefully-awesome stuff. The added bonus is that starting this new hobby will require setting up a work area, which lets me indulge in my favorite pastime – looking for furniture!

Go-Cart Desk via CB2

Victoria Ghost chair via HiveModern

Ok, ok, so I probably wouldn’t spring for the Kartell original of that chair, but there are some knock-off versions floating around at a more reasonable price point.

What will I make first?

An alligator with sunglasses? Hah! Now I’ve seen everything.

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All of a sudden, I really want a quilt. I have no idea why – as you might have noticed by now, I’m a bit of a minimalist, and quilts generally evoke the opposite. They’re frilly, heavily patterned, more country than city. And yet…

via Overstock

…I kind of like this one a lot. Maybe I’m trying to channel a little springy-country-cabin feeling? Of course, this one would be ideal (and a little closer to my true nature)…

via Denyse Schmidt

…so if anyone wants to lend me $1000 to buy it, I’d really appreciate it. You could come over and look at it whenever you want.

This is another option for a more modern, graphic quilt, and something I’ve had in my inspiration folder for a long time…

via Unison Home

…the colors are right up my alley, and its on sale! My only hesitation is adding more stripes to the bedroom, as both the rug and the curtains are striped. Hmmm…I guess I could always get new curtains…

Ever see a guy say good-bye to a shoe? Yes, once.

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Here’s my couch-of-interest in person, in the preferred fabric….

…the pictures are from my phone, so they’re not terribly awesome, but I’m glad I went to see the couch. I like it even more now – its not the kind of couch you sink into, but its fairly comfortable, and it looks great. I’m not at the point where I’m desperate for a new couch, though, so I think I’ll wait a while and see what else is out there. Or maybe there might even be a sale?

In non-couch related news, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect birthday present to buy myself. Maybe that sounds a little self-absorbed, but I firmly believe in getting yourself a nice birthday gift – its a little way of saying “Hey, self – good job on successfully getting through another year.”

How about something like…

Orla Kiely wallet


Allsaints Spitalfields bag

I know what you’re thinking – I should just get both. I totally agree.

P.S. If you’ve never heard of Allsaints Spitalfields, I highly recommend checking out their site. They have a really cool deconstructed-rocker look – like how I would dress if I ever started up my Sleater-Kinney cover band.

So she was made of chimps!

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Do I want this couch?

We’re in the beginning stages of looking for a new sofa (and by “we” I mean “me”) and I’m all over the map with what I like. I’m into this option from Blu Dot (although in the gray – obviously) even though its not something I would normally be drawn to. Something about the super clean lines and the ability to convert it to a sleeping surface have piqued my interest. The price is also pretty reasonable for a grown-up-non-ikea sofa.

In my dream world, I would have this…

…amazing vintage Dux sofa that is currently on craigslist. Oh! Is it weird to have pangs of sadness and lust over a couch? The price isn’t crazy out of my league, but its probably 20 inches too long, and the idea of having to eventually replace the petrifying foam on the backrest is too daunting. But rest assured I will be trolling craigslist and ebay looking for similar couches until I find one I can reasonably buy, or until I settle on a new couch from somewhere.

Oh, excuse me, could you tell me where I might find the “Burns-Os”?

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I’ve been obsessed lately with lighting. More specifically, I’ve been thinking a lot about creating my own lighting fixtures. I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at the price of designer light fixtures, but they’re freaking astronomical. Like, hundreds or thousands of dollars….

random light

max lamp

I’m not rich, so what’s a girl to do? Is there something I can make with some basic parts and a little elbow grease? I’ve seen a bunch of DIY lamp projects on the design blogs lately, and I really want to try some….

…this one looks awesome and seems super easy. I’m going to stop by the ol’ Home Depot tomorrow after work and see if I can find the parts and give it a try.