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You only move twice…

Posted in Uncategorized on 06/27/2010 by Melissa

As I often do, I’ve spent the better part of the morning browsing through real estate listings on the internet, dreamily passing the time and imagining myself living in various exorbitantly expensive apartments, be they newly built luxury condos or classic pre-war brownstones on the park. Its a fun, harmless way to pass some time, until you stumble upon something like this…

322 w88th St via StreetEasy

“What’s so great about that place?” you’re saying to yourself? What if I showed you this?

600 square foot private roof deck! I mean, holy crap! But here’s where it gets interesting – the apartment is a mere $220,000. Not pennies, but certainly not out of reach. And before you even ask, yes, I would live in a 300 sq ft apartment in a heartbeat, especially with those beamed ceilings and that outdoor space.

So, do I loot my savings and empty my 401k and sell all my large pieces of furniture?

P.S. Please, please, please, if you read this, do not buy this apartment instead of me. Thanks. 😉


Well, you can’t argue with the little things. It’s the little things that make up life.

Posted in Uncategorized on 06/20/2010 by Melissa

We probably all spend a lot of time thinking about big-picture things – overarching themes and such – whether we’re thinking about work or family, or trying to plan our fall wardrobe strategy, or trying to assemble a collection of vintage furniture, or whatever it is that people think about…

But I think its equally important to stop and appreciate the little things that are perfect just the way they are and have the ability to catch you off-guard and make you totally happy, just because.

Mr. Burns, Overweight Homer, and Hank Scorpio via My Kitchen

Hank Scorpio remains one of the best Christmas gifts I ever got – Thanks, Mike!

Stanley the Snail and Sir Change-a-Lot via My Living Room

These guys make a very noble pair, and a good example of how a high-end piece (Jonathan Adler) and a low-end piece (Target dollar bin) can coexist in harmony. Oh, and another gift – Thanks, Ken!

Domo via My Bedroom

Domo was another gift from Ken, and my awesome friend Chris helped my stretch the beautiful Japanese fabric on canvas bars to create a super-easy, large-scale art piece.

Maybe the moral of this story is: keep things in your house that you love, and they will make you happy!

Just call me Grandma…

Posted in Uncategorized on 06/16/2010 by Melissa

I think its time I stopped living a lie – I’m clearly an elderly woman trapped in a youngish woman’s body. I love tea, and Scrabble, and fabric stores, and baking, and now I even love old lady shoes! These were the gateway drug…

Clarks Wedge via Zappos

But wait, you say – what’s so “old lady” about those? At first glance, nothing, until you realize they’re from Clarks. Clarks! Comfort-shoe-source-extraordinaire! Ok, but surely one pair of comfort shoes, cleverly disguised as fashionable shoes, won’t do any harm? Except now I only want to wear comfort shoes, because they’re so damn comfortable! And also, maybe they can be cute?

Clarks Buckle Wedge via Zappos

Clarks Flat Sandal via Zappos

Is it time to cover up my tattoos and learn to play shuffle board? Should I research real estate in Boca?

Eternal happiness is just a dollar away…

Posted in Uncategorized on 06/08/2010 by Melissa

Ok, we all know you can’t buy happiness, and even if you could, it would probably cost more than a dollar. But you can buy bags, and tops, and dream about buying even more tops and shoes and everything else. Damn you internet!

On their way to me…

Rachel Comey Utility Clutch via Beklina

Vintage silk blouse via SallyJaneVintage

And added to the ever-growing wishlist…

T by Alexander Wang Hooded Sweatshirt via La Garconne

Rachel Comey Clogs via Anthropologie

I’ve managed mostly to avoid this whole clog craze, and I’m 90% sure I couldn’t walk in those shoes, but man, they would be killer for fall, with black or gray tights, short skirts, and cozy sweaters. Summer, I just kind of got over you a bit…

Let’s get out of this country…

Posted in Uncategorized on 06/07/2010 by Melissa

Today will be remembered as the day I became obsessed with the idea of buying one of these…

via eBay

What would it take to ditch my life for a year and drive around the country in a VW camper? Not just as a concept, but in reality? How much money, what kind of arrangements? How would I keep from getting attacked by bears?

Any helpful thoughts? Interested parties?