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A walk in the park…

Posted in Uncategorized on 08/26/2010 by Melissa

I owe you a story about Acadia Park. So there we were, happily enjoying our relaxing vacation, and someone said “Hey, we should go on a hike through the park!” (This person might have been me.) We packed up the backpack with water, granola bars and the camera and set off on a six mile loop through the woodsy outdoors!

Ken demonstrates his keen sense of direction…

Things started off well enough – we took some great pictures and waved amicably at passing bike riders and trekked confidently along the path…

But trouble soon reared its ugly head, it the form of…bees! It turns out that Ken is a magnet for bees – we couldn’t walk more than a few feet without several bees surrounding Ken’s head and zapping all the pleasure out of our nature walk. There were no stings, but it got pretty frightening, being alone, several miles up a mountain, facing the imminent threat of death by bee sting (Ken) and panic-induced heart attack (Me). Thankfully, we made it out alive, and I learned the following lessons:

– When it comes to the outdoors, I’m more of the lounging, relaxing type, not the activity type.

– I have a slightly overactive imagination, which leads to me envisioning scenarios wherein I die a horrible, unusual death in idyllic surroundings.

– Six miles is too long of a hike for a city girl like me!

Here’s some more pictures from our trip, just for fun…

Ken took this one at night in the center of Bar Harbor, using some fancy photo tricks.

This is me taking a picture of myself with a reflection of the bay behind me. I just thought it was cool.

That’s us, happily safe from bees!


All signs point to yes…

Posted in Uncategorized on 08/21/2010 by Melissa

As you can tell from my previous pictures, Bar Harbor is a stunningly beautiful kind of place. But where there’s nature, there’s Man, and where there’s Man, there’s…signs? Yes, signs! (Come on, go with it!) I couldn’t help but notice all kinds of really visually interesting signs while I was on vacation. Now, I’m no graphic designer or typographer, but sometimes things catch my eye…

Carriage Road signpost in Acadia National Park (more on the park in a separate post!)

Another sign at the park…

Maybe someone has something against swimmers?

This was on the side of a motel up the road from us, and every time we drove by, I wanted to simultaneously jump in the heated pool and go back in time to the 50’s when people used cool fonts like that!

Another super cool motel sign that we drove past daily – I think its really the arrow and the “Full House” that make it so special…

I have a super-hilarious story about our hike through Acadia Park, so there’ll be at least one more post dedicated to Maine. Maybe if I keep writing about vacation, I can still kind of be on vacation?

It’s so hard to say goodbye…

Posted in Uncategorized on 08/15/2010 by Melissa

…to vacation! Oh…there’s not really words to express the oppressive realization that my week off is over! Bar Harbor was amazingly beautiful and restful and the weather was perfect and I’m trying to figure out if I can start a new life as a lobster fisherman and move to Maine permanently. I’ve got a million awesome pictures, so I’ll post them in batches – here’s a few to start!

Morning coffee on the porch, rereading Lolita for the tenth-or-so time…

A perfect spot for lounging at Emery’s Cottages on The Shore

Ken heading down to the shoreline to watch the sunset one evening…


More pictures to come this week! Maine, I love you!

Call me mint jelly, ’cause I’m on the lam!

Posted in Uncategorized on 08/07/2010 by Melissa

All packed and ready to go!

I realize I’ve been slacking on the ol’ blog posting as of late, but work has been crazy town, leaving nary a minute for anything except sleeping and eating take-out and not cleaning my apartment. I have never been more ready for a vacation in my life! See you guys soon!

P.S. Yes, you’ll notice that I’ve folded and then scrunched my stacks of clothing – good folding doesn’t take a vacation! 😉