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Or did I?!?

Posted in Uncategorized on 11/30/2010 by Melissa

There are times in life when we are faced with great adversity and harsh challenges, and yet we must not back down. We must soldier on, steadfast in the pursuit of our hopes and dreams…

Rachel Comey Penpal Boots via my living room

A few scant hours after I posted my discouraged plea to the universe to help me find these boots, a lovely young lady from Steven Alan Tribeca called to inform me that they had, in fact, just received their reorder shipment and that they were available to purchase immediately.

No one has ever gone from on-the-couch-in-Astoria to boutique-in-Tribeca faster than yours truly this afternoon!

(Cue the sappy music)

I’d like to thank Michelle at Steven Alan, for calling me this afternoon, and Rachel Comey, for making such amazing boots in the first place. And I’d also like to thank my bank account, for making this whole crazy dream possible.

The moral of this story seems to be: if you want something badly, and you get kinda cranky with the universe about it, maybe, just maybe, you can get your way.


I missed the boat…

Posted in Uncategorized on 11/30/2010 by Melissa

Having overcome the two most difficult obstacles in the way of purchasing something (the ability and willingness to pay for said item), it is quite a shock to learn that you simply cannot find anyone willing to sell it to you. Universe, take my money and sell me these boots!

Rachel Comey Penpal Boot via

Apparently, I’ve come courting these beauties a little too late in the season, as they are sold out in my size at every store – both real and internet – on the planet.

My only source of hope is that the bearded guy down at Steven Alan was telling the truth last night when he said they were expecting a reorder soon, and that they remember to call me when they come in.

Until then, I will look down sadly at my feet, and disappointedly at all of my inferior shoes, quietly scolding them for not being nearly as cool or perfect as those boots, thereby making all of my outfits less awesome.

Easy as honey glazed ham…

Posted in Uncategorized on 11/28/2010 by Melissa

Now that the dishes are done and the leftovers are mostly finished, I can look back and say that Thanksgiving this year was a rousing success! I didn’t burn the house down, no one got food poisoning (that I know of), and I didn’t lose my mind, despite several minor meltdowns, such as the one I had when I discovered the grocery store forgot to deliver the aluminum foil baking trays I bought with the rest of the groceries.

Thanks to everyone who came to visit us this year! We hope to see you next year, too! I promise there will be ham! (Not that that’s a draw to you vegans out there – you’ll just have to come for the sparkling conversation!)

A collection of iconic furniture stoically awaits the guests…

Roomba earns his keep…


Honey glazed ham. The best thing on the planet, bar-none.

Also, there was some other food.

It was great to see everyone!

The calm before the storm…

Posted in Uncategorized on 11/24/2010 by Melissa

I wanted to post this picture as a reminder to myself, so I have something to look back on, several hours from now, when I’m surrounded by half-cooked side dishes and a sink full of dirty dishes. A memento of simpler times – of not one, but two lists on quad-ruled notepaper and a carefully bookmarked copy of Martha Stewart Living November 2010. A signpost of sanity in the murky but not-too-distant past…

At least I’ve got Otis Redding Pandora to keep me company, and the promise of some delicious eats and welcome visitors tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Instead of making sandwiches with bread, use poptarts. Instead of chewing gum, chew bacon!

Posted in Uncategorized on 11/15/2010 by Melissa

Fall is great for so many reasons, but mostly it’s because it’s the season when you can really start to eat with abandon – without fear of tight, revealing clothes or swimsuit shopping or other degrading horrors. It’s the natural cycle of things – if bears can fatten up for winter, then why can’t I? I like to start by getting seriously into baking…

This is the makings of some delicious ginger snap cookies that I make every fall and winter. The recipe is pretty easy to follow, and the results are amazing – whenever I bring them to work people always beg for more!

Those of you with a keen eye might notice that I installed a shelf above my kitchen work table, a simple project that added loads of functionality. Total completion time for the project – actual drilling and hanging of shelf: 5 minutes + 1 year of procrastination = 1 year, 5 minutes.

Hey, did you go to Hollywood Upstairs Medical College too?

Posted in Uncategorized on 11/08/2010 by Melissa

I’m starting to wonder if the various doctors I’ve been seeing for my headaches all graduated from the same fake medical school as Dr. Nick – last Wednesday I saw two new neurologists at a fancy-pants headache clinic, an appointment that I had to wait 4 months for, and the diagnosis they came up with is something called “New Daily Persistent Headache“.

It sure sounds fake, but the internet confirms that it’s a real condition, chiefly characterized as being of unknown origin and hard to treat. Awesome! At least, in true Hollywood Upstairs Medical College form, the good doctors gave me lots of new medications to try out, which is fun for being loopy but not so much for being productive. Which actually lends itself nicely to the perusal of the Martha Stewart Living magazine I bought this afternoon, in a hilarious attempt to start planning Thanksgiving dinner.

Crazy Squirrels via Martha Stewart

I bet I could totally make those suckers all whacked out on Imitrex and muscle relaxers! 😉

Sixty cents? I would have made more if I’d gone into work today!

Posted in Uncategorized on 11/01/2010 by Melissa

Maybe you’ve heard me complain about being super busy at work, but I also have the opposite problem – I have no idea how to be productive during my free time. On my days off, I’m lucky if I change out of my pajamas and remember to eat. I blame the internet…when I should be reading or cleaning or making things on my sewing machine, I’m usually just browsing the web, falling hopelessly in love with expensive clothes or houses…

Henrik Vibskov sweater dress via La Garconne

Like this awesome potato-sack sweater dress, which I would wear every day. I’ve also just developed a dire need for short leather ankle boots of the non-desert-boot variety, such as:

Rachel Comey Penpal boots via La Garconne

I need a hobby that keeps me from fake internet shopping…