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Never say never again!

Posted in Uncategorized on 04/16/2016 by Melissa

Well – I guess a few things have happened since I last left off here on the internets a few weeks… I mean, a few five years ago (!), but while I have bought a few chairs, and gotten married, and bought an apartment, and moved to Westchester – what I really want to bring everyone up to speed on is a laptop. That someone else bought. That’s right internet – I’m back, and you’re welcome.

Maybe you’ve heard of a company called Dell? They used to have stores based on cows:


Or maybe that was different computer brand in the 90’s? So hard to keep them all straight!

So, Dell was making computers (possibly influenced by cows) – and at the same time, two people were going to school in NJ:


As we all steadily became further and further ensconced in the grip of the “computer age”, Michael and Christine realized that in order to do well in graduate school, they needed to purchase a laptop – and purchase one they did:


The Dell Inspiron 5160! Was it the greatest laptop of all time? Did it ensure that they successfully finished school and turn into the productive members of society they are today? We can only assume the answer is yes.

But, as in all things, the 90’s soon ended, and the world began to be taken over by another new force in computing (not related to cows, as far as we know):


The Apple MacBook. So long, Dell! It was nice knowing you! We’ll never see you again!


Or will we?


Sometimes a person has a dream. Maybe that dream is to collect all the chairs, or all the laptops, or all the video game systems. And maybe everyone else doesn’t believe in that dream – maybe they say “HA! You cannot collect ALL the things.” But deep down you know – you can. One day you can have that Saarinen Womb Chair or that Sega DreamCast if you spend enough time on Ebay and Craigslist – if you really believe!

If the Dell Inspiron can come back to us – even though it’s very slow, and the back of the screen is broken off, and it runs Windows XP (shudder) – can’t we all dare to dream?


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