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A Chair A Day…

Posted in Uncategorized on 09/12/2016 by Melissa

So – you may or may not know – but I kind of have this thing where I can’t stop buying chairs:


Takeshi Nii “NY” Folding Rocker, Chair, and Ottoman via Etsy

I scored this whole set on Etsy (well – really on Instagram, but is the world ready to hear about shopping on Instagram? I’ll save that for another post) for a great price! It’s like – I didn’t start out the day looking to buy chairs, but when a set from your Dream List of Chairs (which everyone has, right?) pops up for a steal, you have to buy them. And then when they arrive, you have to figure out how to restore them.

Normally I would do the whole restoration process myself, whether or not any part of it was beyond my (limited?) skill set, but this time I decided to hire a little help. I sent the covers out to be remade in a new heavyweight canvas; I’ll still polish up the chrome and wood myself (in the bathtub, as all professionals do.)

I can’t wait to see them put back together again, all shiny and newly upholstered! They’re going to be so awesome!

And maybe they’ll fill the chair-shaped hole in my heart for a little while…until the next chair tosses a coy wink from that magical intersection of affordability, desire, and timing and, well…you know…