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A Room With A View

Posted in Uncategorized on 01/30/2017 by Melissa

What’s the most important thing when looking for a new house? The old saying is “location, location, location” – but what if there were houses you loved in a less-than-ideal location? What would you be willing to sacrifice for an amazing house?


For instance, would these amazing, giant windows with Hudson River views be worth a commute that involved a bus to a train to a subway?

Maybe, maybe.

There’s also a great back yard, a deck off two of the upstairs bedroom, and a sunroom. There’s a lot to like – if only you’re willing to deal with the commute. Definitely something to think about…

4701297_0992 Rt 9W, Nyack NY



Baker’s Dozen

Posted in Uncategorized on 01/07/2017 by Melissa

I don’t know about you, but I have a tradition where I buy myself one nice Christmas present a year – a little “thank you” to myself for keeping it together another year. This year, I went a little overboard and bought:


The Ankarsrum Assistent – Sweden’s fanciest mixer! I could have just bought the standard KitchenAid mixer that everyone has, but if you know me, you know that was never really an option once this Swedish beauty made itself known.

So, having spent a small fortune on a stand mixer, I figure I really need to make sure I use it – a lot!  I’ve already made some cookies, and a cardamom cake, but the most exciting thing I’ve made so far is…


This beautiful, delicious loaf of bread! I’ve never even attempted to make bread before, so I was so excited that I got something edible on my first try! I’m glad I took a chance and tried something new – because the reward was delicious bread!

Next up on my baking adventure will be Cardamom Rolls, which Ken and I became obsessed with when we visited Stockholm a few years ago – I hope they turn out as well as my bread experiment!