A Room With A View

What’s the most important thing when looking for a new house? The old saying is “location, location, location” – but what if there were houses you loved in a less-than-ideal location? What would you be willing to sacrifice for an amazing house?


For instance, would these amazing, giant windows with Hudson River views be worth a commute that involved a bus to a train to a subway?

Maybe, maybe.

There’s also a great back yard, a deck off two of the upstairs bedroom, and a sunroom. There’s a lot to like – if only you’re willing to deal with the commute. Definitely something to think about…

4701297_0992 Rt 9W, Nyack NY



3 Responses to “A Room With A View”

  1. That house is cool… Hope you’ll end up with a nice house by july… no rush!

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