Long time, no blog…

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You might remember me saying something about a new job or something. 3 months ago. Obviously, I’ve been very busy!

But I thought some of you out there (if you’re still out there) might be interested in catching up – maybe, for instance, you’d like to hear about wedding planning?


I went back and forth for a while on what to do about invitations…

Meadow Suite via Bella Figura

Should I be reasonable and just order perfectly-nice-but-not-very-special invitations from random-internet-printing-company? Should I spend a fortune and go with letterpress? Should I try and make my own?

If you know me, you know I went with the letterpress. Hint: if you get one in the mail, please frame it.


Here’s a little sneak peak of what our flowers are going to look like…

Moodboard via my florist

Let’s not even talk about words like “moodboard” and “florist.” I’m not quite sure who I think I am – let’s just say that my awesome boss has an awesome friend who happens to make awesome floral arrangements…


The cake will be delicious, and will have flowers from Saipua on it, which is all I really wanted – it will be two tiers, not three, but this is as close as I could find on the Baked website.

Three-tiered Cake via Baked 

Ours will be a little more moody – gray piping, darker flowers. Moody, like you always dreamed your wedding would be.

See what happens when we don’t chat? I get all kinds of planning done! Still more to do, but I’m working on it…kind of…









A question…

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You guys remember my wedding dress, right? Ok, so the question is, can I wear these shoes with it?

Rachel Comey shoes via Anthropologie

What I’m really asking is, can I justify buying these really, really expensive shoes by wearing them to my wedding? Oh, and also wearing them all summer. But primarily, for the wedding. But also, all summer long.

Rachel Comey, why are your shoes so expensive??

Can’t a man walk down the street without being offered a job?

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If you were going to have a more-fancy job in the near future, wouldn’t you like a fancy new bag? I thought you might. How about…

J.W. Hulme Excursion Chaperon Bag via La Garconne

I’d pay attention to the person carrying that bag, for sure. You could dress like a hobo and carry that thing, and people would still take you seriously.

Maybe you want a little more of a casual messenger-style, but in a still serious fabrication?

A.P.C Two Pocket Leather Bag via Totokaelo

Or maybe you and your new bag can only be together in fantasy-land…

PS 1 Large Leather Bag via Proenza Schouler

I’ll probably just use my backpack for all the new crap I have to carry around. 😉

I just want to say…

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That I really, really like Ben!

Best nephew ever!

And here I am using my legs like a sucker!

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So, I’ve been thinking for a while now about buying a new table for my kitchen, but since the table I love is a little too spendy, I figured I’d just buy some chairs instead…

Eiffel Tower Side Shell Chair via Modernica

Bam! Fiberglassy goodness. Shell chairs, I know you’re in every shelter magazine and interiors blog, but I will always love you. You’re too cool to be played out.

P.S. If anyone wants my old kitchen chairs, they’re free for the taking!

Enough about weddings…

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Back to my first love, over-sized clothing…

Henrik Vibskov Cape via La Garconne

Not that I need another spring jacket. Not that it’s even spring out. But I am a sucker for tent-shaped outerwear everything. And a certain someone I know just sold a certain company which has resulted in some unexpected cash for certain other people. Hmmm.

Totally awesome.

The winner is…

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Proenza Schouler Dress via La Garconne

I’d been eyeing this dress online for a while, but when I stumbled upon it by chance at Barney’s on Thursday evening, I knew it was a done deal. I tried it on, snapped an iPhone fitting room picture, showed it to some friends, and bought it Friday night. Easy, breezy, done. I like the idea of having my dress now and not having to worry about months of waiting and all the different fittings and what-not. All I have to do is find some shoes and have the dress shortened and I’m all set!